Monday, February 24, 2014

#LushLunes: How Do You Show Your Love?

If we can't love ourselves just the way we are, how can we love anyone else?

I believe that love - true love - is given freely, without judgment, and without limits. This is what I was thinking about when I was asked my opinion on what love is. Here is my response:

"LOVE is unconditional, and it must start from within."-LV
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Maybe your definition is different, but I think we can agree that loving ourselves is important. Which leads me to your Lush Lunes mission: consider how you show your love for yourself. Is there a lot of judgment masking it? Are there rigid parameters containing it? Or does your cup run over? Can you count the ways that you show this love to yourself?

Once you ask these questions, see if perhaps there is room for more love in your life. I know there is always room for more in mine!

I hope you have a LUSH LUNES my deep thinkers.

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