Monday, January 13, 2014

LushLunes: See It To Believe It

I'm a visual person. I learn best when I am able to see how something is done.

If I can see it, I can do it.

I make use of my possessions in storage when I can see the contents of a container.

If I see it, I will use it.

This is why vision boards are a great tool. If I can see my goals, then I'm aware of the steps I need to take to get there.

If I can see it, I will believe it.


Once we hit 2014, I revamped my vision board. So far it looks great! But I didn't finish. Of course it is always evolving but right now I am aware that there are few items that need to go up to flesh out my vision.

Why haven't I finished? I've been procrastinating. I've put ME aside.

Somewhere in the back closet of my brain I stored some vision board must-haves in a box collecting dust. They are there... but they aren't up in full view.

I know that I need to see it to believe it; see it to make it happen; see it to fuel my faith every day in these BIG dreams. I've got to MAKE the time to do this for ME.

Here's where today's LushLunes mission comes in: Put up something visual today as a prompt toward your goals, dreams, or vision for your life. Even if you tear out a page from a magazine, write out a quote from a book, or print something from the web and put it on your fridge, that will suffice.

So just take a few minutes to focus on YOU instead of putting yourself off for later. Have a YOU-focused LushLunes my deep thinkers!!