Monday, December 16, 2013

The Bliss Chasing Business

It has been a while since I have given my blog any TLC. I haven't blogged in two months! That really makes me feel sad. But it is with good reason.

Part of me hasn't felt inspired to post.  It's true.  And I'd rather give you quality over quantity, any day. 

I've spent a lot more time away from social media (which is funny given that I recently shot a film on social media addicts). But the truth is I've been super busy and have not made time for my blog or my online life.

Aside from a kitchen re-model that has taken about two months, I have been making time to meet with and make new friends, and really doing a kick-ass job of balancing my many hats given the abundance of opportunities I've gotten in this bliss-chasing business (feeling so blessed).

I've booked more short films (yay!!!) and even wrote another short film script which prompted me to start pre-production on the film (gasp, what is happening!) - it has been a mix of fun and crazy, let me tell you.

Because of the blessing of my busyness slash business, there are moments where I consider calling it a wrap on this blog. But each time I do, without me saying a word, someone reaches out just in time to tell me how much they've been inspired by my blog, or someone on twitter tells me that they haven't heard from me and can't wait to hear an update.

I'm always floored.

These moments truly humble me and remind me that I am within my calling as a storyteller (holy, can you feel that sentence right there?! Wow!) and to never give up, but instead, to cut myself some slack. I must trust that you will all be there with open hearts when I come-a-roaring, fully inspired to share with you and to help motivate you as best I know how.

I miss y'all, I truly do. Thank you for your divine patience and for never giving up on this little blog of mine. I am honored to have you reading, and fueling my dharma every day.