Monday, December 23, 2013

Home: Where The Heart Is

My idea of Home is equally split between the island of Puerto Rico and the mainland, especially this time of year.

Puerto Rico has been in Christmas mode since October - at least that's the case in Aguadilla.  You should see the lights!

There are a lot of traditions we keep here on the mainland. For one, we start making our bottles of coquito by Thanksgiving, we party it up on Noche Buena, and open presents at midnight, then we continue to celebrate until 3 Kings Day (January 6th, little Christmas).

La Parranda, the music, the food, the family – they are all wrapped up in this holiday season.

All of the beautiful components of our culture are tied into one experience this time of year. The experience of love and of being with family. The experience of home.

My heart may be split this time of year, but being with those I love surely fills the void. Because home truly is where the heart is.

I hope your hearts are filled with love and happiness, and are completely fulfilled this holiday as we step into 2014, my deep thinkers!