Monday, October 21, 2013

Lush Lunes: A Wrecking Ball

When you imagine something like a wrecking ball, do you see destruction? 
Or do you see progress? 

Sometimes we need to do something drastic, something that shows we are serious about being happier, being better, being successful, or being prosperous.

I noticed when I decided to "come out" from behind my pen name and reveal my identity online, more opportunity came my way. I stepped into my own. I got out of the shadows, and stepped into the light. Something that small - tearing down that wall - set so many amazing things into motion. 

When we start to tap into that certain something that make us special, when we finally have the courage to let our light shine, it can feel like we brought a wrecking ball into our comfortable little familiar spaces... all the walls start tumbling down. 

That means a shift in our surroundings and our perspective is under way. That means that even before the dust settles, we are building something. Something far better, no matter how scary or uncomfortable it may be during the process of change. 

What can you do today to shake things up? What area of your life needs a wrecking ball - a major shift, to get things moving? 

Today, your Lush Lunes mission is to think about what walls need to come down, so that you can build. The time is now. Don't wait. 

Have a Lush Lunes my deep thinkers. Get ready to start tearing down those walls!