Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Among Storytellers: My #LATISM 2013 Recap

Social media helps us to tell our stories - or at least spread the word about our stories. Whether we're blogging, publishing podcasts, vlogging, micro b/vlogging, writing books, or making movies, if we use social media wisely, we can really reach people.

When we take the reigns and tap into the digital space, we open up a world of possiblities. Our reach is magnified and our voices are louder (can I get a "wepa!").

Given that I was part of the LATISM'13 planning team, I wanted to make sure that this topic so close to my heart was discussed. I was fortunate enough to get two panels on the subject.  

Whether written or through a visual medium, storytelling is at the very core of my beingWhy else do we tell stories, if not to move people, to create a ripple effect in the lives of others?

With social media, we can all tell our stories. There's no need for a stamp of approval - you are your own gate keeper. 

I shared the stage with some incredible speakers, about their films, their web series, and even about utilizing youtube in the best possible way to share content. I am so proud of my panels, I can't even tell you how proud.

What I realize (weeks later) is that I didn't mention the web series I'm in, my new vlog that is in post-production, or the script that I wrote.

There are several reasons for this:

1) the series hadn't launched yet (it has now!);

2) the updated vlog hadn't launched yet (TBA 2014);

3) the screenplay has not been filmed (crossing my fingers);

and most importantly...

4) it really wasn't about me.


I really loved leading the discussion and talking about THEIR projects because it was about THEM. There's a part of me that's like "damn, Li, you could've mentioned it..." but I was moderating and wanted the panelists to shine. I have fun leading and directing the discussions so I'll give myself a pass for not speaking up about those 3 points above.

What I did speak up about is that both panels reflected my own passion for storytelling and the best way to use social media for that purpose... I also gave tips on using the camera for newbie vloggers. Maybe I'll write about this some more (it could be a whole other blog or vlog post).

All in all, listening to my fellow creatives discuss how their stories impacted the masses was so inspirational. It was truly an honor to sit alongside them, and to splash a bit of my own colors into LATISM'13.