Monday, September 30, 2013

LushLunes: Keep Calm

There's usually a flurry of activity come autumn. A lot of new starts. New routines. It's easy to get over-whelmed. It's easy to get worried about the days ahead.

Your LushLunes mission? Stop worrying. Keep calm.

Here is an active step you can take: look at yourself in the mirror and speak these words:

 "I am not alone in this. Everything will be ok."

If tears come, so be it. Then wipe them away and breathe. Now speak your words.
If worry comes, let it pass you by, then remember to breathe. Now speak your words.
If frustration grabs hold of you, dismiss it, and once again, breathe. Now speak your words.

When negative thoughts cloud your mind, your words - spoken aloud - will remind you that there is hope. You have control here.

Joel Osteen said in a sermon recently: "Worry, is like a rocking chair. You're moving, but you're not getting anywhere." We're not about idol movement, my deep thinkers. We forge ahead.

So today use this small step as a reminder to keep calm and  have a worry-free LUSH LUNES!!