Thursday, September 26, 2013

It Runs In The Family

My sister and I are creatives. It's in our blood. But my kid sister is a singer/songwriter. Music flows through her veins. 

The first official performance I recall was when she was a freshman in High School. After she sang, so many parents walked up to my mom and I to tell us that her performance gave them goose bumps. Fast forward through her singing career to her most recent performance: El Gran Gatsby Gala at LATISM'13. 

Once our team decided on the "Gran Gatsby" theme, I sent a link to the Male vs Female music video to Kiki to show her the outfit I'd worn in the video. Kiki immediately goes "your sister should sing." And so it was (thank you Kiki). 

Male vs Female is an Electro-Dance Music duo that consists of Jillian Valentin and Omar Torres.  At the gala, they performed their  single "Worth It,"   they debuted their soon-to-be-released single “Success,” and played a few cover songs.   

For these live performances, their band members are an eclectic group of artists: Chip Thomas, drums; Meredith Ezinma Ramsay, violin; Deborah Robb, piano; and Steve Range, guitar 
(3 guys, 3 gals... totally male vs female... get it?)

As I watched her sing, as I heard the band, as I saw the lights, I started to tear up. Every moment I think about it, I cry... I'm crying as I write this. My little sister, my world, was living her dream. In front of my eyes. In front of my people. I could not be more proud. 

I feel this way each time I see her perform. I feel this way each time she is in the studio. I feel this way each time she releases a single or shoots a new music video. Clearly, I'm emotionally attached to her journey. 

I was in total awe as Male vs Female performed at LATISM'13. People came up to me asking enthusiastically, "who's that up there?!" all I could do was smile. I can't even describe it y'all... I really can't. 

So yes, creativity is in our blood, but more than that, a love and bond that is inexplicably deep.  

And there's something so magical in watching dreams unfold, especially when you  love the person doing it with every fiber of your being. 

Jillian, I am so very proud of you - beyond words. I can't wait to be there at the Grammy's when your time comes. I warn you in advance, no amount of waterproof mascara will suffice.