Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Don't Stress: 3 Tips On The #LATISM 2013 Conference & Awards Gala.

All I can think of are pearls, fedoras, fringe, gowns, tuxedos, bling, feathers, and three-piece suits.

All I can think of is what LATISM attendees will wear to the gala, given that this years theme is very old-Hollywood glam with its' "El Gran Gatsby," theme. And underneath all of that, all I can really think is: Don't. Get. Stressed.

one of my #ElGranGatsby looks
I am distracting myself with outfit choices. But really, the thing is, conferences can be overwhelming and stressful - if we let them be. And I refuse. That weasel of a party-crasher called "stress," is not invited.
Believe me, I've had my share of stress and awkward moments. And even though there are tons of tips out there, I've narrowed it down to 3 tips that I rely on:
1. You don't have to see and do everything. Pick 1-2 things you really want to do each day.
2. You don't have to meet everyone. Connect with those you just met and build from there.
3. You won't miss anything if you look up from your phone/computer/ipad. Just engage. 
Got it? This conference should be FUN and INSPIRING! It should give you the opportunity to network in a warm environment, fuel whatever passion you have for social media and enjoy the process.

Here's the thing... I'm speaking, and instead of getting stressed, all I hope for is that everyone enjoys the panels and that they leave there wanting more. But stress will not make this happen and will not make the conference enjoyable.  
People sometimes get way too serious, and release nervous / negative energy. It can be a turn off. Unfortunately, I've met and avoided people like that at several different conferences (and in life). Why? Because I don't need that stress. I don't need that energy around me. With that in mind, we want the LATISM awards gala to remind you that it's also ok to play (this could be a fourth tip).

So, pull that old dress/suit out of the closet, (or head to a vintage store), but whatever you wear, give it your own Gran Gatsby twist (if you are brave enough!), walk the red carpet and walk in like the social media star that you are!

Whether you're receiving an award or not, whether you come in-theme or not, get glam and get ready to party. There will be dancing!

If you need inspiration on what to wear, check out my pinterest board. It spans decades for both men and women, but the look and feel is the same.
Whatever you do at the conference, just have fun. You deserve it!!