Thursday, September 5, 2013

Accepting the Rewards and Assessing Your Goals

Many of us embark on new things when September comes around. But there's a step I try to take just before I set off on my journey toward my goals for the remainder of the year.

I kick of my heels, assess how far I've come, list what I've got pending and what I'm hoping to accomplish by the end of the year with realistic short term goals. 

Looking at the months that have gone by since January... it seems that I've been super busy! And I will admit, I have recently been a bit off balance because there is just so much going on at once. This is when I remind myself to get back into meditation mode and regular exercise (the first two things that seem to go when I'm on over-drive, and yet they're the two things I really truly crave).

So instead of getting stressed out, I have been going day by day, and week by week to determine what needs to get done.

Juggling my work, LATISM and my acting (not to mention my lil' blog) has been quite a challenge.

It hasn't all gone smoothly. I will admit, there have been sleepless nights, tears and migraines. But I'm chugging along. Why? Because when you're passionate about what you're doing, there's just no giving up.  And it has been rewarding!

Part of that reward is to look at the fruits of my labor. Just looking at this past month and what awaits me this month I see that...
  • I recently wrapped my lead role in the short film Some Last Day;
  • I was interviewed by the amazing Jacky Diaz of Amigapreneur. Check out details of the podcast here;
  • I will be leading a panel and a workshop at the LATISM conference later this month. 
This is all exciting news for me!!! It has been quite an amazing year thus far - but It ain't over yet.

I'm looking forward to this fall when Pushing Dreams airs and Jillian's Peak starts shooting. Not to mention some important meetings I've got lined up to further my acting career.

I'm really enjoying the momentum, but I think I need a foot massage. Climbing that ladder of success can be exhausting. Yet all of this is what I deem to be success: the small victories that carry us through on our journey toward fulfilling each dream.

Where are you on your own journey to success?

Have you accepted the rewards (fruit of your labor) and assessed your short term goals? 

 Let me know my deep thinkers!