Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Success & Your Circle

When you start to become successful, you start to notice changes in your life. A lot of that may have an impact on your circle of friends. Here is something I told a colleague of mine who recently got a big break on a TV show:


While different levels of success may ebb and flow,  many may once again flock, right out of the woodwork. In that same vein, many may disappear due to their envy.

But remember you never EVER have to apologize for your blessings or for your abundance. It is your own and it is well earned.

Those who are only interested in profiting from your success will always show you who they are. Believe them.

Those that matter will remain, and will support you. They know that your blessings are not a reflection of what they lack in their own lives.


Remember this my deep thinkers. What's yours is yours. What's theirs is theirs. And if
someone cannot support you, or has bad motives, it's better to find out now.

That way your circle will only be full of those who uplift you, as you uplift each other.