Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nominate My Blog @HerDeepThoughts for the #LATISM13 Awards!

There are so many blogs I love... I've already nominated a bunch of people that I truly admire. Have you nominated anyone yet? Well, if you decide to head over to, and you're a deep thinker, I hope you'll consider nominating HerDeepThoughts.
Either way, I hope HerDeepThoughts is still a place you come to for motivation on a balanced lifestyle, keeping Mondays as Me-Days with our #LushLunes missions, and a place to be inspired as you read up on all the progress, the struggles, and the laughter in my life over the years on this little blog of mine.
It's almost 5 years. I can't even believe it.
Whatever you do, nominate someone. What the hell, nominate yourself!
Big Hugs,