Monday, August 12, 2013

LushLunes: Keep Your Goals In Sight

How often do we lose sight of our goals? It's easy to get overwhelmed with every day struggles. It's easy to feel defeated, have your confidence shred to bits, and to abandon your goals in the process.

Wouldn't it be helpful to send ourselves a message, a little nudge, a small reminder, that we have a larger goal in front of us, and we need to keep going? 

What's great about social media is that we can use platforms like Instagram and Pinterest as a resource. I follow many motivational Instagramers in the fitness world. That way I'm motivated to work out and eat clean. Their photos are really inspiring and it's just what I need.

But when it comes to my own goals, or my "I Am's" it would be nice to pull something inconspicuous out of my bag that I could just look at (you know, when there's no signal).

So, ta-da! here is a key ring that Buttercup bought for me:  


It's a "key ring memo block," where you can write down whatever you want on those little sheets of paper. Did you think I forgot about my old motivational key chain? Nope. I just upgraded to a new one!

So this lush lunes I want you to find a way to give yourself those motivational nudges, whether it is online or in your pocket. Have them handy. It's a sweet gift to give to yourself, don't you think?

Keep your goals in sight and have a LushLunes my deep thinkers!