Monday, July 29, 2013

#LushLunes: Listen To The VOICE Within

As a child I wrote out my excitement, my worries, my wishes and my complaints in my diary, but I remember addressing them to God. I would say something like "Dear God, today..." and I always ended it on a positive note.

There was a release in all of that. And it's a practice I have continued. Writing is cathartic. When I need a release, guidance, or to give thanks, I just might pick up a pen and write (or I just blog). 

I still write to God and I find that God answers me. It's that all-knowing calm inner voice. A line of complaints, sadness across a page, or rants full of rage are suddenly followed by calming peaceful words directed to me...much like those positive words I ended each diary entry with.

God answers you in your own voice, in your own heart or through a litany of other methods: if you only listen. As a child I was only vaguely aware of this, because I sought refuge in God; in that Peace.

The thing is, God - The Universe, or whatever you believe - is IN you. God is in you, as you, and that pure love will conquer all worries, anger, sorrow, and will uplift you, motivate you, and compel you toward your destiny.

So this Lush Lunes, listen to that inner voice. Ask yourself a question and listen for the answer. Ask the world out loud and see what answers, signs, or messages come your way. Write out your feelings and see what words shine through. 

Listen carefully and have a Lush Lunes my deep thinkers.