Wednesday, July 24, 2013

LushLunes: Accepting The Challenge

It's time for another 21 day meditation challenge!

This one just so happens to be in tune with my current professional goals as an actor. Given that the Universe so wisely gave me not one but two nudges to say, "um, hello, what about goal #4,321? Aren't you ready for that step?" over this past week, I can't keep it on pause. It's time to make moves. 

After those two nudges, I started up on my homework again. Reading my notes I discovered that my deadline to begin this next-step was set for August. Coincidence? I think not. 

I have built a foundation, now it's time to execute. Taking up this challenge is part of that execution. 

Is there something that you've put on pause? Is there a "next-step" you're scared to take? Are you giving yourself a bunch of "no," instead of "yes?"

Your LushLunes mission is asking that you press play. Move. Act. Respond. Take the next step. Accept the challenge. And if you need some meditation to nudge you, then join me! 

"Join us beginning August 5for the most transformative meditation challenge to date—Miraculous Relationships! Meditate with us and feel your life change in ways you haven't imagined . . . yet."

Head on over to the Chopra Center, and register. Every day you'll get an email with a link to the new meditation, and boom, you're good to go.

This LushLunes, let's take action! Go on my deep thinkers and kick some goal-setting ass!