Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Five Year Journey: Me & #LATISM

Blogging has been quite a journey. Later this year I hope to celebrate my blogaversary the right way. But first, here’s a story about how it began and where I am now.
Although I started blogging over at myspace, I only began HerDeepThoughts in 2008 (this October makes 5 years!). It was around this time that I started to search online for blogueras like me. There weren't that many out there, or so I thought.  

First, I joined Blogs by Latinas, a site by an innovator I have come to admire and fortunately call my friend, Monique. She always says, “Li was one of my first bloggers!” I love hearing her tell that story!

me. front and center.
After I joined up, I expanded my search for Latino(a)s beyond the blogosphere and into the twittersphere. In the beginning of 2009 (when I started tweeting) I found LATISM.  
I became addicted to their twitter parties. While I was lying across my couch with my laptop before me, Che would give me an odd expression and say with concern, “what are you doing?” I would wave him off, saying in a matter-of-fact way, “I’m at a twitter party.” Little did I know Che was seeing me totally geek out, espeically when Elianne would tweet, "welcome, mi reina!" I'm cool with that.

Before my first BlogHer conference, I met some bloggers in real life (most importantly Patty, another bloguera and friend that I totally adore) and I would rave about LATISM.   I would tell her (and any blogger I ever met) that the LATISM parties were a place for conversations, action and motivation.
And so one day, (it might have been after I crashed a party at a blogging conference with the amazing Elma – two grown women making  a mad dash through glitter is a memory I will never forget!) I got up the nerve to send a DM and I started volunteering… that was over two years ago.  Fast forward to 2013 - I am one of the Co-Directors of the NYC Chapter. Here I am, six months in, and proud!
Not only will I be celebrating my 5 official years in the blogosphere this fall, but this also marks the 5th anniversary of LATISM! The team has been hustling to make this conference the best one yet.

LATISM (Latino(a)s In Tech Innovation and Social Media) has been hailed to be the most powerful and influential network of Latinos/as involved in social media. It is all about social good when it comes to their four pillars: Business, Education, Health and Technology. 
 It would mean so much to have my deep thinkers at the Waldorf this year for LATISM 2013. The lineup is getting pretty awesome.  
If you're thinking about going, don't wait. There is a 15% off early bird discount to #LATISM '13 (which expires on August 1, 2013).
Just head over to:
and punch in the code EARLYBIRD at check out.
If you can’t swing a ticket this year (I know, so many conferences!) then please help spread the word. LATISM's 5 years somehow, someway, aligns with my 5 years of Her Deep Thoughts. There’s just some personal magic in that for me. And I know, that I know, that I know, this year is going to ROCK!