Monday, June 24, 2013

A Positive Attitude

Have you ever been around a complainer? Someone who always has a cloud hovering over their head? Doesn't that suck?

Maintaining a positive attitude is a decision we make every moment. And sometimes it takes an "aha" moment to snap someone out of it.

Back in the day when anyone would ask how I was doing, I would complain. During those days I was surrounded with complainers, so my complaint would welcome their complaint and it was a classic case of misery loving her company. Bleh.

But then I met El. 

When faced with the,"how are things going," question, he answered in a way that I really had never heard (or maybe never really believed when I did hear it).  The conversation went something like this: 

El: How's school?
Me: Ugh, horrible... (insert mini-rant) What about you? 
El: I can't complain. I'm working, it's spring time, and NYC is so nice this time of year ... (insert happiness and joy).
Me: Oh wow, hmm, that's actually great to hear... *light bulb* 

I felt a bit like an ass at that moment. I observed his friends and they were the same - rainbows and shit.  Where were my rainbows? Why am I so bleh all the time? How can I change this? 

That was my learning moment. That's when my real deep thinking began, the beginning of being aware of my circle, and my happiness. 

Since then I make a conscious effort to keep a positive attitude and see the bright side. I limit my circle to people who are just as positive, uplifting, genuine, giving and appreciative. And guess what? I attract more positivity into my life this way. 


Because we attract that which is our focus. 

You see, we can change our behavior, our attitude, our surroundings...our perspective. We can ditch the cloud and chase the rainbows. Life can be rough - absolutely- but we shouldn't let any circumstance steal our joy or dim our light. 

So no matter what is going on, aim to keep a positive attitude.  

Then let me know what happens the next time someone asks, "How are you?"