Sunday, May 5, 2013

#LushLunes: Shine So Bright That You Blind The Darkness

I was feeling really down recently and I realized that I was missing something. I needed to hear some positive words. I needed to hear the Word of God. I needed to take some time for that since I had not made time to meditate in a couple of weeks.

So I listened to a sermon by Joel Osteen. And I spent 20+ minutes with tears of joy streaming down my face. The exact words I needed to hear were spoken and helped fill the void that was ruining my day.

The piece of that sermon that I want to share is this:

"You shine so brightly that you blind the darkness." -Joel Osteen

Do you believe it? I do. When you embrace your greatness, your goodness, the blessings in your life, you allow yourself to shine. When you truly own it, nothing can dull that luster.

And so this is your mission. Take a minute for yourself today (and every day this week), to warm your heart and to give strength to your soul. Nourish yourself from the inside.

How? As you wash your hands, brush your teeth, walk out the door, grab lunch (whatever time you can spare) say: I shine so brightly that I blind the darkness. Say it again: I shine so brightly that I blind the darkness. Then say it one last time, even louder: I shine so brightly that I blind the darkness!

Then smile and give a moment of thanks for this day, for the strength to keep moving, for the wherewithal to keep going, for the courage to let your light shine through any darkness you may face.

I hope today's mission helps you kick off a Lush Lunes my deep thinkers!