Monday, May 13, 2013

LushLunes: Say Yes To Yourself

In a world full of "No" wouldn't it be nice to hear a "yes" once in a while? Especially from our own mouths.

I spent a large part of my life saying "no" to things that pleased me. Yes I could draw and paint but when my teachers told me to pursue art, I said no.

When I did a performance piece for class, my teacher told me to pursue drama. I said no.

When I wrote an article for a course in journalism, my professor told me to pursue that field, and I said no.

It's not that I wasn't saying yes to myself, it's just that I was only allowing myself one "yes," that I deemed practical and that was for the law.

My mistake was I thought there could only be one yes. But that certainly isn't true.

If my life is an example of anything, it's that we can obtain an abundance of YES in our lives, if we just allow it. Not just for our career paths but for love, happiness, health and adventure.

Today your mission is simple: tell yourself YES.

Yes you can go on that trip.
Yes you will love again.
Yes you are becoming the best version of yourself.
Yes you are healthier every day.
Yes you can have it all.
Yes you are successful.

Here's the thing- there will be many voices telling you NO, telling you to give up, telling you to turn around. The only voice that matters is your own. So don't give up ok? Tell yourself YES!!

Have a LushLunes full of "yes" my deep thinkers!