Monday, May 20, 2013

LushLunes: Make Some Time to Stop, Look, and Listen

Rush, rush, rush. Make that call, make that meeting, make the next train, press repeat.
When do we sleep?
When do we relax?
When do we stop?
When do we take a look around at the world around us?

I've been on the go, go, go for the past couple of weeks with my iphone attached to my hip.

I've always had a lot on my plate but when my family and partner take notice, then I know I'm on over drive. Especially when I have that dream again, where I don't get to enjoy my vacation. Horrible dream.

Which means it's time once again for "il dolce far niente." That's why I started LushLunes in the first place.

We've had quite the evolution since that first post, but the premise is the same: make some ME time. Me time can be as simple as taking in the world around you and being in a quiet place.

How much do we miss with our face in a phone or in front of some sort of screen? Can't we just spare a few minutes to live. There is so much beauty around us - we shouldn't miss it all.

So today, your ME time will consist of twenty minutes of down time. Time where you do not look at a computer screen, TV screen, smart phone or tablet screen. No work. No distractions. Unplug. For real.
Stop, look around, and listen. That is today's mantra.

Give yourself that little gift: give your eyes a break, give your mind a break, and give your spirit some rest.