Friday, May 10, 2013

Be The Best Kind Of Crazy

This might be too much for you to handle. Truth is, I'm anything but normal, average or bland. I know this. In fact, I might be crazy. But if that's the case, then I am the best kind of crazy.

The kind that isn't afraid to shake things up. The kind that sends a friend a motivational text because my heart told me to. The kind to make a super hero reference at any given moment, then laughs by myself, at myself, as loud as I want. The dance alone wherever, whenever kind. The stop in the middle of foot traffic, look at the world with eyes wide open and stand in awe of all its wonders kind.

I'm the kind of crazy that dares you to think differently if only for a moment. The hyphenated kind: the don't-judge-a-book-by-its-cover kind; the dare-to-dream kind; the love-you-fiercely kind; and the loyal-to-a-fault kind.

The kind of crazy that says "you will succeed," and really means it. The "I will stop and listen to my inner voice," kind. The "I don't need to know you to lend a hand," kind.The kind that will tell you how awesome you truly are with a zeal you've never seen and clasp my hands before you to bow in your honor kind. 
Seriously. That kind.

Others may laugh but my fellow crazies stand behind me, by me, with me and before me. And you may be afraid of this kind of crazy, but if you just let go, you might taste how sweet this freedom is.

Being the best kind of crazy has the kind of freedom that is not caged by the boxes we're supposed to fit into. It's where limitations aren't real but dreams truly ARE. Where paths are crooked and worn and ablaze with the passion we leave in our wake. 

True happiness, raw laughter, and a kaleidoscope of light rules our world. And it's contagious, if you just break down those walls.  Can you handle this?

When you're ready to forget your normal, forget your average, forget your bland, step a little closer my friend. And the best kind of crazy will be waiting to rush in.