Friday, March 22, 2013

Using Technology For My Health

Can you use your phone or tablet for health reasons? I sure do.  Here are some of the apps I utilize on my iPhone and iPad:

I have my Nike Training Club app is on my iPad for body weight training exercises and a few other apps on my iPhone to track my fitness routines. I also have a sleep app to lull me into sleep when I can't have the whirrrrr of a fan

For emergencies (or random health questions) I have the WebMD app and the American Red Cross: First Aid app on my iPhone. Plus, I have and the American Heart Association CPR app on my iPadI dont' know that I will have the wherewithal to look at those apps in a crisis but at least it makes me feel like I'm prepared (because I look at them now, when there is no emergency).

Aside from apps, I try to utilize technology for motivational health purposes as often as I can
My alarms are motivational (as I divulged recently) and they also ring with "Ohm," so I become gently aware of when it's time to meditate, work out and get out of the house!

I can listen to music and watch videos to motivate me while I'm spinning (when there is no class) or yoga videos to wind down (when I can't make a class).

And of course, I listen to guided meditations on my iphone.  

So if it seems that I'm always on my phone, it might actually for a healthy purpose! Me and my phone, la la la la.

Do you use technology for your health?  How does technology help you with your health goals?  What health oriented apps do you utilize?  Fill me in my deep thinkers!