Monday, March 4, 2013

Today's Lush Lunes mission? STRETCH!

We spend a lot of time stretching our schedules, our time, and our commitments. This can cause us stress, especially as we start our week. Heaven knows I throw quite a bit on my plate, and am always looking for ways to achieve balance. 

I find that giving my body some attention really helps. It gets my mind off of things and really keeps me present in the moment. 

So maybe that might do the trick today...commit to doing your body some good: STRETCH. 

Do some stretching for about five minutes, but make it count. The first step: smile. That will begin the relaxation mode.  It let's your brain know everything is ok. Then do whatever stretches you feel comfortable with. The important thing is that you take your time. Breathe into each move. Start with your neck and finish with your toes. 

This LushLunes mission to stretch your body just might be a nice way to end your day and lead to a great night of sleep.  

Have a LushLunes my deep thinkers!!