Thursday, March 28, 2013

Healthy Routines With Nutrilite

Being allergic to most fruits can really make it challenging to cultivate a healthy routine, primarily when it comes to your color intake. It's a good thing berries are not a problem for me, but one cannot live on berries alone.

My mother tried all kinds of ways to keep me healthy as a child. We didn't have any sugary snacks in the house...and we took lots of vitamins. When I was little, I was a Flintstones vitamin hoarder. It's true. I had to buy my sisters silence with a few Dino's but it was worth it. If only a healthy balanced diet seemed as simple or as fun (minus the artificial sweetener). Well, I think that maybe it can be.

With a hectic schedule, I have to cultivate some healthy routines. Aside from watching my color intake, I've been taking some much needed vitamins from Nutrilite

After my consultation with Nutrilite's Dr. Kip Johnson, he helped me understand that although I was very healthy, there were some areas that needed improvement. I needed to become better acquainted with Vitamin D and Vitamin B. Since then I've been playing nice and have been utilizing supplements that help when my color intake is off. 

I get so worried about balancing my schedule that I can  forget to balance my health. If I can get my cappuccinos like clockwork, then I can cultivate healthy routines.

Nutrilite is helping me keep up a healthy routine, making it simple and fun with their easy to access packs.  

Now when it comes to vitamins (my vitamin hoarding history excluded) I can only use one pack a day because my stomach is very sensitive. As a result I alternate packs each day: I take Vitamin D3 daily, then a "perfect pack" one day, a "healthy aging pack" the next day. I've been doing that for a couple of months now with this neat little vitamin set-up I've got at home. I just snag a pack and go!

Fortunately I've been pretty consistent and I am feeling good.  I notice that I have more energy when I take my vitamins.  

Do you take any vitamins or do you balance your color intake like a pro? What healthy routines have you cultivated? This deep-thinker wants to know! 

I received vitamin supplements from Nutrilite and a consultation with Dr. Kipp Johnson. The stories and opinions shared are my own.