Monday, December 31, 2012

The Loudest Laughter (LushLunes)

I. Am. Loud. My laughter is loud. It is contagious. And I cannot contain it. I will not. Nor should you.

For my final LushLunes assignment of 2012 allow yourself a moment of unbridled laughter, even if you have to trigger it yourself by laughing for no reason at all.  Think of a funny moment. Do something silly. Just Laugh until you ache. Smile a big fat smile.

I'm smiling and giggling as I write this because it sounds crazy!!! But the feeling is awesome. So what are you waiting for?! A full minute of laughter my Deep Thinkers! Go!

I hope you end 2012 with lots of joy and plenty of unbridled laughter... what a fun way to prepare for a prosperous 2013!!!