Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Colors in Wellness

There's a lot to think about when the new year comes along. What were your goals last year? Did you get to where you wanted to be this year?

In the fitness category I've maintained a healthy weight and I consider myself fit. I'm not 100% where I want to be, and will always probably have some new goal, but I am where I need to be. I've been consistent in my efforts which counts for a lot. 

I am mindful of what I do to my body: I practice yoga, pilates and I meditate, but I am not as mindful of my food as I should be. I think I eat right, but aside from limiting caffeine and alcohol, and eliminating sugar, I never really think about color.

I started to revisit the notion of mindful eating after meeting amazing Chef Rick Bayless at the Amway Nutrilite breakfast. He talked about our color intake in food. Color-what?

When it comes to fruits and vegetables there are five color categories:  red, yellow/orange, green, blue/purple and white. To be honest, before that day I really never thought about anything other than greens.

So now I am slightly more educated about color in my diet. If I plan accordingly, all I need to do is have it ready in my fridge to chop, sauté, or steam. Then I can add it to my meals as needed, with a goal to eat two servings from each color category daily.

Thanks to the lovely people at Nutrilite  I'm also learning about what supplements I need and what types of exercise I should incorporate into my routine - more strength training! But the whole color thing... it's a new territory for me. 


Since getting this bit of education, it was awesome to really look at what I was eating with each delicious plate during this past holiday weekend. I didn't get all the color into my plate twice a day, but I'm working on it.  Which is an improvement.

 I'm also really excited about the differences I will see in my body and energy level with these changes

How do you incorporate color? Is it something you think about when you prepare your meals? Does it have an impact on your energy level? I'd love to know!

I received a free meal, got to meet Chef Rick Bayless, and had a consultation with Dr. Kipp Johnson. The stories and opinions shared are my own.