Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Revisiting The Chapters Of Your Life: Belated 4 Year Blogaversary

I didn't celebrate my four year Blogaverary this year. Nope.  Instead, I quietly read through my blog and reflected.

You know what still amazes me about blogging? How I can experience exactly what I was feeling at a particular moment in time. Unlike a private diary, I have the luxury of  looking at the comments from my awesome deep thinkers. All I can do is smile when I realize how far I have come.  And how lucky I have been to have you cheering me on along the way.

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I read one post in particular about a time when I felt that dream-chasing was not really making anyone's life around me easier. In fact, it made my life - and theirs - harder. But I knew that I just couldn't give up.

A lot has changed since then. There have been so many changes! Despite all of the shifting, twisting, turning and climbing, my family and friends have adapted really well to the demands of my schedule and have been so instrumental in the pursuit of my goals.

Not that dream chasing has become easy, because working hard to get what you want is quite the opposite, and each new change or transition in my life has some sort of impact on those around me. But knowing that everyone important to me is on my side makes the changes and transitions easier to manage.  

What a journey this has been!   I have left the path of resistance and am in the realm of acceptance and supportI am seeing incredible results. How amazing is that?!

Having a physical chapter of my life to help me remember, to learn from and to acknowledge my progress, well... that's priceless.  

Revisiting the chapters of my life has emphasized just how poetic the Universe can be.

Four years, my deep thinkers, and you kept your work boots on. You joined me in this dream chasing business and you never gave up. 

I cannot thank you enough.