Sunday, December 9, 2012

Curing The Sicky Blues With A Little Extra Care #KleenexSWS

I hate getting sick. I can fight through it really hard and refuse to let it get to me, but sometimes, you just need rest. Enter the sicky blues. It's that miserable, "I'm siiiiick" feeling, where you might inadvertently whimper or shed a lonely tear, as you lay like a mummy with a fever in bed. You know what I'm talking about, Eeyore.

Of course there is medicine that helps, or plenty of home remedies, but the magic is in the execution, where the sure-fire cure is LOVE… just a little extra care that makes a difference.

Unfortunately as much as Che tries to cure the sicky blues - even with his kick-ass homemade sopa - he doesn't really have the whole Florence Nightingale thing down yet.  But you know who does? Mamí. She's got it down when it comes to adding just a little extra care.

When I'm feeling sick, she will put a warm towel with alcolado on my head. It's an alcolado concoction Papito taught her. Then on my bed side table  there is usually an arsenal of healing: the bibaporu, a box of tissues, a thermometer, a cup of fresh ginger tea, and any medication I may need with a check list of times to take it.

Che has actually learned to do this. And he's great at it. The difference is with Che, I won't fall apart. I will suck it up, put on a brave adult face and refill my own tea or get my own bowl of soup (shocking, I know!).  

But with Mamí, I'm a child once again, sick and in need of her healing hands, her soothing words, and her presence, talking me through the passing of tissues or a cup of tea: "Here you go hun, drink as much as you can," or "take this, you're going to be much better, I promise."

With this same recipe of love in mind, Kleenex wants to help you spread that little extra care, with the Kleenex Care Pack. Remember it’s the little things that count.  Those little things make all the difference. And I don't care how old I am ... there's nothing that cures the sicky blues like my mom.

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