Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Prayer & Request Post Hurricane Sandy

Nothing happened to me or my family. We are so very lucky. We are O.K.

Che made me watch movie after movie to keep me from watching the news, feeling anxious or trying to do some work during the two days NYC was shut down because of Hurricane Sandy. My mom and I played checkers. Buttercup made pancakes. The lights flickered and windows banged. We barely slept. We ate a lot. We cleaned a lot. We are OK

Sorayu didn't come to stay with me so I made her call me every few hours...until she lost electricity. No water. No heat. Not a single cab would or could take her to my house after the storm. Trains are limited. But she found a hotel. So she is O.K. 

There is minor damage to Mamita's house and to Che's house. Don't know the cost, but you know what? Everyone is O.K..

After the storm I got texts with videos of the flooding in downtown Manhattan from my police friends who hadn't gone home for several days. But they are OK. That little restaurant in Howard Beach where I go to twice a week - that areas was flooded, houses damaged but somehow it stayed open... they are O.K.

But look at the news... there are a lot of people that just aren't OK. Nothing is back to normal. People don't have homes, light, heat, water, peace of mind. People died. 

 Heartache remains.  There is a shortage of gas, oil, water and even food at the grocery store.  There is a shortage of patience. There is a shortage of help. I pray for those whose lives are forever changed, who are not OK, who were not as fortunate... and yet their HOPE remains. 

This is my city. This is my home. These are my people. Please find it in your heart to help those who are not OK post Hurricane Sandy. 

Please send positive thoughts, prayers, share the link to this post, and if you can, please  DONATE. Here are two ways:

1) Donate to the LATISM Hurricane relief fund using THIS LINK.

2) Donate directly to the Red Cross by clicking THIS LINK.
My deep thinkers, please keep my NY, and our neighbors in NJ and CT in your thoughts. Help keep HOPE alive for everyone who is not OK.