Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sharing Your News Can Be Scary

It's always scary to spread news about your accomplishments. When you share them with others, it becomes more of a reality and then that reality is subject to the praise - and criticism - of others.  But I think it's good to share the positive news. It helps weed out the naysayers from your life

However, the fear about sharing accomplishments is especially true about the movies you book. So much can happen before you get into the production phase...you just never know.

It takes a lot to make a film... but the same is true for going to law school, writing a book... singing a song...... launching a blog. You never know until you try. It's in the trying that magic happens.

Well so much is going on! First and foremost, I booked a lead role in an indie film! I play the successful executive - a strong Latina. Wepa! 

You know how passionate I am about the portrayal of Latinos in the media, so I feel very blessed to play a role I believe in.

All of my little steps are building up slowly but surely. This is why I have been away from HerDeepThoughts so often... because I'm moving, moving, moving forward!  But that doesn't mean I've abandoned my little blog. Nope. I'm producing a new chapter of my video blog to launch in 2013. More details on that to follow.

Suffice it to say, all success is newsworthy. I'm honored to share my most recent successful endeavor with you on my blog. You've been there from the beginning so why not!!

If you're so inclined, please head over to the indiegogo page and check out "Made From Scratch," and learn a little about the character I'm going to play: Victoria Alvarado! Feel free to tweet it out and help spread the news!  Your support is greatly appreciated – even if it's just a little "yay!" right where you're seated.