Friday, October 19, 2012

Make A Difference In Your Life: #DestapaSuFuturo

While sprawled out on the floor in my Wonder Woman jammies as a little girl, I remember the moment when I proclaimed what my destiny would be.

I was watching the Cosby show, repeating all of the lines and was completely enamored by Mrs. Huxtable. She was a strong, loving but powerful woman, a mother and lawyer who spoke Spanish!!! As my mom walked into the room, I pointed at the screen and yelled out, "I want to do what she does!"  My mom put her hand on her hip and said, "Oh yea? Well she's a lawyer."  She also happened to be a character, played by an incredible actress.

 If you’re one of my deep thinkers then you know I am a lawyer and an actress.  Mrs. Huxtable also happened to remind me of my mom. And I attribute mystick-to-it-tivness to fulfill my goals to mi familia.

 My family is mostly made up of women.  And watching my mom do-it-all was inspiring: a Jill-of-all-trades, my mom held the titles of accountant, computer engineer, homemaker, wedding planner, carpenter, florist, jeweler, Salsera and caregiver under her belt.  Watching my five aunts (her hermanas)was also exciting! They too held multiple titles: wife, mother, mechanic, chef, security guard, gardner, plumber, and seamstress.  And they still had time for family get-togethers. Dios mio!

 Doing-it-all runs in my veins... this family is full of super mujeres! Their collective influence left no room for doubt; I knew that I too could do it all. 

With the support of mi familia, I made my way to and through law school and had the courage to get in front of a camera pursuing my passion.  I've got these degrees with me for life! Which means I will always have the opportunity to keep reaching for the stars, acquiring title after title. 

The positive influence of a bunch of campesinasfrom Aguadilla, Puerto Rico – especially that of mi querida Madre– had a lot to do with my own motivation to prove that this Boricua could and would prepare, plan, dream and become everything I set out to become.

There are opportunities for you to help a student do it too! How? Well, Coca-Cola is committed to helping the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) meet their goal of having a college degree in every Latino household by the year 2025. Ok, say it with me: WEPA!  

Along with HSF, Coca-Cola wants to help make a difference: High School Seniors, (16 or older) can apply for ascholarship over at October 31st.All they have to do is share their story: reflect on how their heritage affects their career goals, the importance of education in their lives and their community service experiences. 

We must take advantage of every opportunity presented to us on our path! So if you’re a student sign up for the HSF application. If you have a student in your family, please spread the word! There’s nothing to lose in applying for the scholarship.The only shots you miss are the ones younever take in the first place.

If you have any doubt, just remember that my story started with a little girl in Wonder Woman jammies... and with the influence of her familia she became a super mujer


This post was compensated and in collaboration with Coca-Cola and Latina BloggersConnect. All opinions are my own. And I am proud to be a part of this campaign which provides such an amazing opportunity for students to achieve their goals.