Monday, October 22, 2012

LushLunes: The Little Things

For your mission today, I want to focus our attention on the little things that make our day a little brighter.

What can you do to make today rock? There's always that little something that can make a difference. What are the little things you are looking forward to? 

  • Is it a hug? 
  • Is it a cappuccino? 
  • Is there a fun event to attend? 
  • Is your favorite show on tonight? 

For me, I will be looking up trips on JetBlue... just looking. That will make me smile. And later on today, I may get a cookie. I haven't really decided yet. The point is, you don't need grandiose plans to make you smile. 

Ponder the little things that make you happy today.  And please share the little things that make this Lunes a Lush one!