Monday, October 1, 2012

LushLunes: Let Yourself Grow! #MotivationMonday

In fall the leaves start to shed, then come spring the flowers begin to bloom.  It's a cycle. We too change like the seasons. 

Look at where you are right now, October 1, 2012.  Then take a moment to think about October of last year. 

Where were you? How were you feeling about yourself and your life? Has there been growth for you? 

Whether it's emotional growth (you've learned to accept more, listen more), spiritual growth (you've learned to be present more, have more faith) or an actual physical growth (you're in better shape, or your hair got longer, or you've moved on up to the east side) this is all positive change, an evolution of self. 

And if the only growth you see is that you've realized that you are not happy with what's going on right now in your life, then that too is positive change. It's the first step.

Your Lush Lunes mission today, is simply to assess. Not to judge. Assess, and measure your growth stage. Acknowledge where you are, take a moment to think about where you want to be, then let it go. In the letting go, we allow ourselves to GROW!

Have a fabulous LushLunes my deep thinkers!