Tuesday, October 23, 2012

#LATISM: An Honor To Be Nominated

The LATISM conference is only days away and I just found out that I was nominated for this lil' ol' inspirational blog of mine! Woo Hoo!

This is a true honor, regardless of whether or not I actually win. So thanks to all of my readers, tweeple, and deep thinkers who nominated me. 

There are so many incredible bloggers and SM mavens who were nominated, including some people I consider my friends and comrades.

Among them are Monique Frausto of Curves & Chaos for being such an innovator; Ana Flores & Roxana Soto for Spanglish Baby and their trailblazing work; Rachel Matos of The Art Muse for such creativity; Latina Bloggers Connect - #LatinaBloggers for being inclusive of all bloggers and their support within the community; Ray the Angry Latino  for his fearless opinion; and Elianne Ramos for being the social media goddess that she is... which are only a few among the many I admire for their work in the blogosphere and within the realm of social media. 

I'm grateful for the nomination and to be chosen along with so many people I admire... but I am especially thankful for a wonderful tweet from Patty (and some wonderful RTs I received last week that only reinforce this nomination for me: 

Thank you Patty, Sara & Lisa

That's why I blog my journey, and try to inspire you to do the same. Because if I can do it, I sincerely know that you can too. I walk the walk, talk the talk, and hope that my words of encouragement help you to blaze a trail in your own life. 

Ok, off the soap box now...

Please go head and vote for some of the nominees my deep thinkers. Your VOTE is appreciated.