Thursday, October 25, 2012

Can You Commit To Me-Time For 21 Days?

Another 21 Day Meditation Challenge is here! Ya gotta love the Chopra Center. Each challenge gets better and better. I've given you this spiel before, but this time, let's talk about the why and the how. 

Why Should You Meditate

Commit to ME time! That's reason enough, is it not? But it's not that easy. When I've first committed to the challenge, it was hard. I'd fall asleep. I was agitated. My mind raced. I mean, ya want me to listen to a warm and calm voice for fifteen minutes without passing out or thinking about what to wear to work, what bills to pay, what time it is, will it rain...crazy, I know.

It so happens that once you pass the initial stage of uncertainty, you relax into it. And maybe that's it for a while. Then once you get into the groove, let's say by Day 10 (it might be sooner) you notice that when stress hits, you respond differently. There's a shift in you. You can assess before you react. Your inner voice is calmer. It's s light shift, but noticeably so. It's a slow but certain process that is nourishment for your soul.

By Day 22... yes once all is said and done... you will still going strong... you were successful in your plan to commit to ME-time

You might find some meditative music to vibe to or perhaps you became attached to a mantra you learned and now there's not stopping you. And maybe you take a break for a day or so, but you've learned the tools you need to get there... the road to zen. 

How It Happens

So you're sitting in a comfortable position and maybe you have a blanket over your shoulders, and you pop in your headphones before everyone wakes up in the house and listen to the meditation.

Your mind wanders but you gently bring it back. Truth is, you might yell at yourself a few times but just remember the word GENTLE and you'll be nicer to YOU.

You focus on your breathing, the mantra, the imagery spoken to you. You're focused and present.

Now you are in the zone... how do you know? You know after. Your body will feel heavy. It will take a few seconds for you to wake up your fingers, toes, might rock your head back and forth and stretch. Once your eyes open, you smile because YOU DID IT!  You quieted that monkey-brain and let yourself be one with the Universe in "the gap." You meditated.

Now let's say you come across a meditation that speaks to you - it will rock your world (mine was a meditation called the "dharma carpet ride"). You will be blissed-out, totally zen, happy, and vibrating with joy. You'll know when you're done. No joke.

Side Note: Don't try to achieve the same state again... if you force it, it won't happen, because then your attention is on the past, not the now, and you're not relishing the moment... get it? It's like making your favorite dish. Sometimes it comes out bad-ass, sometimes its just a good dish. It's the same recipe, just a different day and a different experience. 

Take Your Life Day By Day 

So you're interested, but let's say you just can't get into it the first time, or the second time, but you keep trying. Well you at least you allowed yourself take a break from the world, and honey you gotta love that. It's your life. You deserve it.

Now, THIS is the when: November 5th!  

Do you think you can handle it? I friggin' know you can! So join me in the gap! Click HERE for the details and let me know if you're joining me in the plan to commit to ME time.