Friday, September 7, 2012

Latinos Take Charge With New Media

I was recently interviewed about how Latinos are depicted on television. That's a BIG question. 

The argument is always circular, because if we had more Latino writers, more Latino producers, more Latino directors... etc., then we would have the more of the content that we want in the mainstream. 

The thing is, we actually do have that talent out there. We, the writers, producers, directors and actors, are using new media to create the image of Latinos we want portrayed and putting it out there. When all of the doors are a window, right?

That's why there is a growing trend of Latino-oriented shows online. Obviously I have a lot to say when it comes to how we are taking the reins and using new media to create our own content:

"...Women like Valentin, who in addition to being an attorney is also an actress, writer and producer ...  “We don't sit back and wait anymore,” she says of Latinas like her who are making web-shows. “We take control of the content... We are as diverse as our cultural backgrounds and it's about time the media embraced it.”

Please head over  to
Fox News Latino and read more of the article "Online Video Shows for Hispanics Thriving by Nancy Averett. Then let me know your deep thoughts!