Monday, August 27, 2012

LushLunes: Cherish The Fruits Of Your Labor

As you know LushLunes is my Latin twist on #MotivationMonday. Well, there's a photo on Instagram from Amy Stanford that inspired this post and truly says it all. It depicts the salvaging of a "peach tree [that was] bent in half because of its harvest." The harvest was abundant.

Think about that. Isn't that such a metaphor for life? How much we bend over backward to accomplish something we really want... but do we take the time to enjoy it? Or do we just repair and prepare for the next run? 

This brings me to your LushLunes Mission:

  • Have you taken a moment to acknowledge your hard work?
  • Have you given yourself a reward for your labor?

Make it your goal to answer these questions in the affirmative, acknowledge your success and reward yourself with some "me time."

You know I will!!! Happy LushLunes!