Friday, August 17, 2012

Instagram: My Life In Pictures

at Gracie Mansion

This week I have been unable to keep up my daily exercise routine. The exercise was replaced with a total of about 4 cuba libres within the past five days (I'm not much of a drinker), meeting up with with my Pushing Dreams cast mates, photos from the NYILFF and from my evening in character as one of the Housewives of Washington Heights at Gracie Mansion.   

I'm a socialite. Or so it seems. At least I am according to my-life-in-pictures on Instagram!

It all looks very fabulous and glam - for that I am sincerely thankful. But there's always a trade off. Footage doesn't get edited. Re-writes don't get done. Acting class is missed. Sleep is lacking. Too much coffee is had. The body and soul are not nourished. But I have to make time to walk outside of my home office and meet people. It's just as important. And so when I do that, flashing lights go off from my iPhone camera as evidence.

Going out, making cameo appearances, and networking feels a little like hard work. The makeup, the outfits, the hair, the photos and the business cards: that's all really fun! It's getting up the next day to do it all again that's the hard part.

As great as my life in pictures on Instagram seems, let's be real: I don't take pictures when I sit at my computer all day editing footage, drafting contracts, or writing screenplays; I don't take pictures after Pilates when I'm a sweaty mess; I definitely don't take pictures when I'm sitting on my ass eating icecream, crying after a really hard day. I just tweet about it. LOL!

It's ok. I'll show you the fun stuff, because everyone wants to see the fun stuff. And what I've documented - the sexy nights out on the town - make me feel good. Especially when you, my deep thinkers, remind me of how amazing my life has become after I made the 180 degree turn and started living my life for me.

I hope you all can document your life in pictures and show the world the kick-ass lives you are leading. Then they'll learn a huge life lesson: how f$%^ing awesome it is to chase your dreams.

This post was inspired by one of my favorite deep thinkers @Lausonrisa who reminded me that I do in fact lead an amazing life. It made me smile in a moment when I really needed to  honor the blessings that have been granted to me. So thank you.