Thursday, August 16, 2012

Falling Into Films at @NYILFF

Tuesday was the opening night of "Filly Brown" at the New York International Latino Film Festival (NYILFF) and GM invited me to attend the premiere!


check out my pics!

I left the theater crying. Why? Because I have a tendency to fall into films. I suspend disbelief and embrace the experience. "Filly Brown" is certainly a film - and experience - worth falling into.

Calizto Chinchilla started the evening with an empowering statement: "our culture, our stories... are needed more than ever." Amen to that. It's so important that we share our stories for the world to see a glimpse of our reality. 

 Damarys OcaƱa of Latina Magazine predicted that we would see ourselves in the stories at the festival. That I did. Andrew Speyer of Wing emphasized that the evening showcased, "the difference between movies and films." To that I say, "Esooooo! "

The night started with the short film "The Acting Lesson," an original screenplay by Carmen Pelaez, the 2012 winner of the HBO/NYILFF Short Film Competition.  It really was a laugh-out-loud, then wipe your tears away type of story. She deserved the win! This was followed by the touching, fist-pumping and raw "Filly Brown."

Aside from the seamless and natural performance of the incredible Gina Rodriguez, what I loved most about "Filly Brown" were the parallels drawn between father and daughter who "sell out" for the good of the family. The downward spiral that follows will have you on the edge of your seat... and you will certainly cry when they find their way - to each other.  Being true to yourself and true to your family is the part that had me leaving the theater with tissues.  Lots of tissues. Like a dufus. 

I hope you get a chance to head to the NYILFF and fall into some amazing films. I promise you will find yourself in the stories, laugh and cry and feel like you are part of something bigger than you could ever imagine.  Thanks again to GM for the invitation. My sister and I had a blast!