Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Open Letter To Mi Abuelita Before Her 80th Birthday

Querida Mamita,

There’s a little something I wanted to share before I see you on your 80th Birthday (Thursday August 9th).

my letter to Mamita.
During the times I’ve spent with you, I’ve seen you cater to Papito how you made sure he was well fed, tended to him when he was ill, and held his hand while watching TV. I watched you show love, and I learned from you the many ways we express that love with our family.

When it was just us girls in Puerto Rico over the summers, I remember visiting relatives and watching you – the epitome of class, ever a lady, a Puertorriqueña raised in a different era with the most impeccable manners… I hope you know I took a cue from you during my pageant days.

I’ve seen the care you’ve taken to sew a garment and the speed and skill with which you are able to whip up an incredible meal. I’ve watched your hearty laugh, seen your eyes beam with joy at the sight of your grandchildren (and great grandchildren) … and have realized where we all inherited those spit-fire ways!

Above all, I’ve seen you be a mother, grandmother and great grandmother in the best way you know how, with the cards that were dealt to you in this life. I commend you for being so very amazing, so full of tenacity and for being a survivor through it all.

In a house full of grandchildren who adored their grandfather you let him shine and stayed in the background, ready and willing to give out hugs, a plate of food, or a laugh when needed.

I love you for being you, Mamita. And I thank you for the beautiful years you’ve given us. May God bless you always.
xoxo, Lisann