Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So, You're Going To BlogHer!

If you're a BlogHer newbie or a bit of a vet like me, you know some planning is in order, but mostly, the plan not to plan is required. 

I eat at BlogHer. That's what I do.

Here is what may happen & what you may realize if you are brand new to BlogHer: 

  • You will make out a schedule, only to realize BlogHer printed one for you at the conference, so you wasted all that printer ink.
  • You will RSVP for too many events surrounding BlogHer (but unaffiliated with it) and you won't have the energy to make all of them... but you will try very hard to do so, forsaking sleep. There go your pictures.
  • You may end up hiding out in your room, in the bathroom, or just away from everyone at some point at the BlogHer serenity suites. And that's O.K.!
  • You will be dazzled by the expo hall. Dazzled. You will want to see it all but you will remember to take a breath and to pace yourself so you enjoy the experience.
  • You will meet people in the hallway going from session to session, which will stop you from attending all the sessions you want to attend because you will realize that BONDING and building RELATIONSHIPS is also very important. 
  • At the end of the conference you will realize that you could have worn what you wanted, done what you wanted, and gone to as many or as little things as you wanted to and will vow to do it better next year, now that you "know better."
If you're a BlogHer vet like me, you know that you won't :

1)  overload on swag, or
2)  kill yourself to make all of the events and sessions.

But you will...

3)  eat the awesome food, 
4)  have a friggin' blast with your comrades, and
5)  get some face time with the media outlets present at the expo hall.

And after all of that you certainly will not...

6)  listen to the stupid crap other people say (or write) about how their way is the best way to do BlogHer (wink wink). 

With that said, if you're interested in reading up on some of my past BlogHer experiences - oh the fond memories - feel free to check out my post on BlogHer10 in NYC  and BlogHer11 in San Diego.

Have a blast at BlogHer my fellow bloggeratti and do it YOUR way!!!