Monday, July 30, 2012

Six Steps to Badass Business Cards

I remember this episode of In Living Color where one character was yelling at another character for being lazy...since they only had 5 jobs! It was funny and left a mark on me.   Because I feel like I have 1000 jobs, yet I can't go around listing my 1000 jobs, because that is just so very boring. 

This was my dilemma with business cards. Although I want my cards to show how professional I am, I don't want it too look like a frenzy of information.

So how could I fit so many titles onto a business card? Do I link to all of my sites? It seems like a lot of info for tiny piece of card stock...and I want to peak interest, not have people throw it out. 

my biz cards!

For a while I hesitated to get new cards because I didn't know what to put on them. Taking into consideration my 1000 jobs, these are the ones I considered for the business card:
  • I am a freelance writer, a blogger and I've written some short films.  
  • I am an actress with a focus on film and television. I am also a producer. 
  • I'm a lawyer and a social media consultant. 
What else do I add? SuperMujer? That's a lot to take in. And how do I organize all of this? 

I knew my purpose in getting cards: this wasn't going to be a blogger card (I've done that before).   It was going to be a card that shows how multifaceted I am, as simply as possible. 

After about a month of back and forth, I started with these six small steps:

1)   Get To Know My face!
Instead of my blog logo, I decided my business cards should have the photo that I use on all of my social media profiles. If you know my face then you will remember me when you see me again.

2)  Just One Website

I have my blog and I have my website. Which way to go... I decided to link to my main site which is all about who I am and what I do - - and from there they can find this lil' ol' blog of mine on the sidebar (if they are so inclined).   

3)  Simplify Social Media

Sure I could link to my pinterest, my google+ and the multiple handles on the other social media sites I use, but instead I chose to stick with my main handle on Twitter and Facebook. Keep it simple. 

4) Get To Know Me

I put my personal quote on my cards so people get a feel of what I'm all about... I'm a go-getter... a dream chaser...and I'm proud of that. From the first day I wrote the following message on twitter, I've had so many positive responses, so it certainly belongs on my cards:  

"Chase your dreams. They like that."

5)  Easy to Remember 

Since many of us are so attached to our smart phones, I added a QR code so all people have to do is scan it to get to my site. With one click I'm in their phone. Perfecto!

6)  Great to Touch 

High quality card stock is important to me and I didn't want anything too small or too big. The size of a credit card was just right. People bend cards, they examine the feel of them in their hands... and in this case, one person bit the card and said, "this is official." I had to laugh.  I've spent money going to stationary stores and other online sites, but I haven't been as pleased with the quality as I am with these badass cards. They're as badass as me! 

What do you think of my cards and my little system? 
Would you recommend anything else?

I'm proud to say my cards have been well received thus far.  If you're doing a lot of networking (like those going to BlogHer) You should really think about getting some business cards from

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