Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chasing Bliss: The Summer of Bliss Challenge, Weeks 3 & 4 Update

I have been going strong my deep thinkers! I wasn't able to write last week or give you a LushLunes reminder because I was busy with meetings and prepping for a weekend of filming - and of course, exercising twice a day. It was a very "me" week since I didn't see any of my friends, family and not even my beloved Che. I was focused and needed to get things done. 

Despite the chaos of a full plate, I am loving my fit mind-body-soul routine and have kept at it.

The Summer of Bliss challenge was fantastic, and helped push me to new levels. My confidence level is increasing (not so nervous about summer shorts) and I feel good. Endorphins truly rock!

My body craves exercise. It wakes me up at 6:30 and says "GO." I respond, "really? you're ready this early?" And my body goes, "Yes!" Then I get home, and once again exercise mode is triggered when I look at the pool-ready gym bag hanging by the door, screaming "take me!"

I also feel in tune with myself from moment to moment. That's a funny little thing that comes from meditation. Which is a great way for me to wind down, center myself, and feel like less of a stress ball. 

Sugarless coffee, no soda, lots of veggies and... yes... I finally weighed myself. I love my curves and they are here to stay! Even though it's great that I lost some stubborn pounds, I'm most happy with the increasing definition and strength in my curv-a-licious frame. 

I'm thrilled I committed to and accomplished the challenge to make my health first... and am hoping that I will continue on this healthy mind-body-soul journey. If I do, then I know it's gonna be a great summer!!!

Thanks for your support my deep thinkers! Y'all kept me accountable!