Monday, June 25, 2012

LushLunes: Self Dedication (Be Your Own Wizard of Oz)

"... Because of the wonderful things he does."  
lyrics from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by E.Y. Harburg

What is one wonderful thing you do that shows how dedicated you are to yourself?

Does your self dedication consist of :

Mine are all if the above! Your action plan doesn't have to fit in to my list, but we all need to have at least one consistent action that shows how much we love ourselves. Something that is just for us, that we plan into our schedules.

Your LushLunes mission: assess your self dedication level. Look at the calendar and find one consistent action you do for yourself.  If it's there, evaluate how you can make it better or add to it. Then pay it forward by motivating one person to start doing the same. However, if you find that there is none for yourself, but tons for others, you know and I know it's time to start a YOU plan now.  You are your own Wizard of Oz (that's deep, people).

Please feel free to share your actions or your new plan of action and have a wonderful Lush Lunes!