Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chasing Bliss: The Summer of Bliss Challenge, Week 2

You may recall my new fitness goal to tackle the Summer of Bliss Challenge. Well, we are on the second week of the challenge and I am feeling incredible! Exhausted by 2:00pm, but completely incredible. 

I have been crazy. And I am so proud of myself. 

Here's what I've been up to when it comes to
my fitness routine:

  • Morning
Breakfast! A real one. Not just a coffee & run.  I feel better when I eat in the morning.
1 minute of plank pose (this is the move that wakes. me. up.)
10 minutes of Meditation (minimum)
20 Minutes of Exercise  (Pilates or NTC 5-6 days a week )

  • Afternoon
A healthy lunch and maybe a snack if I'm still hungry.
Lots of water throughout the day
Only 4 sugary drinks allowed per week. My cafe con leches have no sugar now. This deserves a high five, people.

  • Evening 
30 minutes of swimming (5 days a week. If I skip a swim day, I take a yoga class instead)
A dinner full of veggies and protein
Six hours of sleep (I'm working on making this 7 hours, but I can't get to bed before midnight).

The hardest part is ignoring that sneaky little gremlin who whispers: sleep just 10 more minutes, enticing me to roll over to hit snooze, or when he approaches while I'm on the Pilates chair, winks at me and says, "do it tomorrow instead." That guy has got to GO. He lurks in corners, sometimes enlisting people to bring me sugary snacks. I see him, hoping I crack, but I am not defeated.

I've essentially doubled my usual 3 day a week workouts and am kicking my habit of saying "I will wake up early and workout" then admitting that I lied to myself when I roll over at 6:00am just to hit the snooze button.  I'm also very conscious of using affirmations during exercise to keep me motivated to work 100% through, instead of coping out at the hard moves because... well, they're hard.

As a result of my new fitness routine my stamina has increased and I've notice changes in my body already. My body was craving this and I feel really proud of myself. 

I'm not weighing myself because that is not the goal. The goal is to tone and get into a better fitness routine.  I don't know whether I can keep it up for the long term. I'm going day by day, working through the challenge, and am doing great so far.

I hope you're making a commitment to maintain a healthier you, no matter what. What have you challenged yourself to do to make this your Summer of Bliss? Please share your deep thoughts!

I am a member of Bliss Connect but I am not affiliated with the promotion. Completion of the challenge by checking in daily on their website keeps me accountable, but it may also make me eligible to win some goodies, but this post does not count as an entry to win any potential prizes. I'm just sharing it with my deep thinkers to keep you posted on my challenge.  Besides, it's not about the prizes - I don't need more stuff - it's about the journey.