Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chasing Bliss: The Summer of Bliss Challenge

Fitness is a lifestyle. It's part of my lifestyle. But so is a crazy hectic schedule, and balancing more than one full plate at a time - much like a circus act. Which means, when something gets cut, lots of times, it's exercise. 

That really bums me out. My body screams at me at 6:00am to wake up and move it all about on my yoga mat, yet I hit the alarm, roll over, and go back to sleep. No bueno.

So I joined a four week Summer of Bliss Challenge. You know I'm all about these four week challenges (it takes 21 days to form a habit, yada yada yada). The team I joined allows me to pick which challenges I will take up. 

What challenges are those? Well it's quite a fitness plan for me:

 Summer of Bliss is a four week challenge with five healthy goals to hit each week. Challengers log in and track their progress, receiving scores along the way for a chance to win prizes. 

I started the challenge a little early because of my filming schedule and thus far I'm feeling great. We are technically on Day Two but I made the commitment to myself over the weekend to see this fitness plan all the way through. My body, health, and overall state of mind should not take a back seat to anything.

I love that it incorporates meditation and pushes me to try things I've never tried - like limiting sugary beverages, and making sure my veggie intake is up to par. Plus, I'm still toning my body with the Nike Training Club app, (love that thing), and one of my 5 exercise days is a yoga day. By inviting my friends to come with me to class, I mix it up and stay in check.

Let's see how far I get during these 21 days. I'm feeling positive about my fitness plan, and I hope it inspires you to kick yourself into gear with your own challenge.

I am a member of Bliss Connect but I am not affiliated with the promotion. Completion of the challenge by checking in daily on their website may make me eligible to win some goodies, but this post does not count as an entry to win any potential prizes. I'm just sharing it with my deep thinkers to make me accountable so that I actually DO it. Besides, it's not about the prizes - I don't need more stuff - it's about the journey.