Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We Are Unlimited In Our Potential

I have been very busy lately. So busy that I haven't dedicated time to my deep thinkers. If you'll forgive me, here's why: I've been filming, auditioning, traveling, writing, networking, and making decisions that needed to be made.

I love these uplifting messages I get from my Tazo Tea.

I spent a long weekend in Los Angeles checking out some neighborhoods and meeting with friends. I had a blast! It really brought some clarity to my decision, and how to proceed from here. But all of that will have to wait for another post. 

Between writing a screenplay (yes, I did!), going to some film festivals, photo shoots, promotion for the webseries, meeting lots of new and interesting people in the field, and my volunteerism with NY chapter of LATISM, I feel like I'm always on the go-go-go!

I'm in a HUGE transition phase, and it has taken so much of my time and energy (and strength) to take care of me in the process. And since so many people I know in real life read this blog, I feel like I can't really share details right now, until the next chapter is open. 

This blog was meant to be my freedom, my soundboard, my way of sharing my journey and inspiring others, and I hate to feel limited in that because there are people out there who really don't get it... and I hate to hear the gossip. So in due time, I hope to restore that peace of mind to this space of mine, because you my readers have been so faithful on this journey.

I've taken some really big chances and so many doors have opened for me. I am so very grateful. And all I can say, without really saying anything too specific, is that you've got to take a chance on your passion. You don't want to spend your life asking "what if?" It is far more satisfying to say, "I gave it my best," no matter the result.