Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Hair, My Words and "Mi Pantene"

Growing up, the hair care regimen at my house was always of utmost importance. We started with a Latino-oriented brand and transitioned into Pantene during my teen years. I've tried lots of different brands in my adult years and switch it up every once in a while depending on what stage my hair is in. Right now, we are in the "my hair color is fading and my hair looks dry" phase.

I thought about this and imagined my locks blowing in the wind (in slow motion) looking like the mane of Eva Mendes.... and I came up for a slogan for Pantene: 
“With @Pantene this summer my hair 
will be as smooth & as strong as I am. #mipantene"   

I tweeted the above per the requirements listed in the Summer Beauty With Pantene {Miami Trip Giveaway!} over at MommaFindings. These few seconds of inspiration got me a trip to MIAMI!!!!

I also got a box of goodies shipped to my door. With all of these new products, I have been given ample opportunity to decide whether I will be swayed back to the Pantene family once again. 
Besides how shiny, healthy and full my hair looks today after using Pantene, my house looks like a Salon, I have a fabulous camera to use for the trip, and the beach is looking awesome!  There will be a photoshoot and zumba class to look forward to.

That old saying never fails: take a second to write a slogan and win a fabulous weekend. Wait, that's not un dicho? Well now, I think it should be.

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Disclosure: My excitement in this post was made possible by Pantene and their PR agency, but My opinions are always 100% my own.  I was provided with multiple Pantene hair care products to sample, a camera to document the experience, a trip for two to Miami... and according to the itinerary, a pending zumba class and photoshoot. Wooo!