Monday, May 21, 2012

LushLunes: Share Your Vision

I'm a good listener. I'd rather gauge your responses, learn what you're about, and get to know the real you, than to share about myself. Especially when it comes to my acting. 

I've only recently become comfortable speaking about my acting career. I'm not much for sharing - I know it's odd because as a writer and actress all I'm doing is sharing, exposing my soul and storytelling!

But when I'm asked about my acting by people I don't really know, I get shy. I feel like I'm showing you my diary - my real handwritten diary, full of doodles and hearts - giving you a window into my heart of hearts.

However, what I've learned over the past few years, as I've been growing as an individual, is that you 1) can't share everything with just anyone, but at the same time, 2) don't be afraid to share your vision for your life.  It's a delicate balance, I know. 

Keeping that balance in mind, while I was in Los Angeles each time I was asked, I began to share what was going on with my acting career and my long term goals in a really fluid way. Mostly because I take note of each event and actively add it to the list of what's new in the world of Li...and somehow this list does not leave my mind (unlike the "where did I put my glasses," or, "what was I looking for in the fridge?" moments). 

Sharing this information - a sort of progress report - seems to caused a ripple effect in my life. The more I speak about it, (planting seeds in the universe), the more that comes from it in terms of more acting work, an overall sense of happiness and accomplishment, and a lightness on my heart by letting it all out.

All of this to say that your mission today is to share. Pick one person (or just use the comment space below) and share what's going on with you now, your dreams for tomorrow, and the progress you've made since. Let it out. Speak freely. And let me know if this makes for a really Lush Lunes having your aspirations whirl around you all day.