Monday, May 14, 2012

LushLunes: The Recipe

My aunt spent an entire day getting pampered at a salon. My aunt, who devotes her life to her grandchildren, never pampers herself. And although she looked fabulous, she said she would never do it again. She said, "my daughter spent three hundred dollars on this! I could've paid bills with that." To which I said, "exactly... that's exactly why it's better she paid the salon directly, because you would never have spent money on a day to yourself." 

Why is it so bad to take a day off? Why is it so bad to spend time and money on the ritual of beautifying yourself? 

Of course you could spend your time and money on others...on a charity...on a bill...we accept that notion as easily as we accept the air that we breathe. But why isn't this statement just as easily accepted: "Of course I should set aside some money so I can take the day off and pamper myself." 

Why are such thoughts few and far between, and so heavily laden with guilt?  Taking care of our bodies, our souls, our hearts, and our minds... this should be a required part of the life ritual. The recipe for living life should not be "work, pay bills, work, pay bills." NO. I veto that.

My aunt has noble goals. But I always remind her that she honors the love for her grandchildren when she honors the love for herself. I say this to my wonderful mother, I say this to the mirror, I say this to everyone I meet that overextends themselves. I remind them that it is necessary to put themselves first. 

On LushLunes, I am here to remind you - mother, father, friend, aunt, uncle, godparent, grandparent or single-free spirited you- that when you are scheduling your To-Do's, make sure one of them is solely dedicated to some guilt-free you time for your body, your soul, your heart and your mind.

You not only deserve it, you require it. It's part of the recipe for a life well lived.

Have a fabulous LushLunes my deep thinkers!